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Important points for the Shipping time :

We deliver orders every day in a week either it be a working day or a holiday. 


Time for the shipping of the product:

We deliver orders every day in a week between 10 a.m to 9 p.m. Basically, the product delivery will depend on some of the following factors, those are:

  •         Product availability in our stock,
  •       The location where you want to ship your order. If we would need some extra time or some extra price like tax then the amount will automatically be added to the main amount.

·        At the time of order, always mention the pin code and detailed address that will help our delivery partner to deliver your product at the right time and right place.

·     We will not accept any COD or POD. Our transactions get complete in the online process.

The Return Policy is easy. Contact Us in working hours to initiate a return. You will receive a call explaining the process, once you have initiated a return. But at the time of return, you have to explain to us properly and our people will check the product.

If you want a product that we do not have in our stock you will certainly get a notification when the product arrives either via an e-mail or a phone call.



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