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Your child should be Independent

To walk alone your child should know some details, which are very much important for them in case of any misfortune

Know your name, number, address

To walk alone in this cruel world they should know each and every detail about them. Such as what is his/her name? What is his/her father's name? Mother name? Address? If possible then the phone number too. These things are so essential. Without this, your child cannot survive in this society because the people living in this society are not as innocent as them.

Do Not Share Address And Phone Details With Anyone (Except Emergency Situations)

Your child should realize that it is hazardous to share individual subtleties like telephone numbers, address, email ids or pictures with outsiders. Any data that is shared should just be with your assent or in your quality.

Try not to Eat Anything Given By A Stranger:

You have to show your child the threats of eating food that is given by an outsider. Regardless of how enticing the treat is, in the event that it originates from an outsider, your child ought not to eat it. Show your child that it is risky to acknowledge nourishment from anybody. Ask them to considerately deny in the event that somebody is offering food without your assent or in your absence. 

When it comes regarding food then you should maintain the food quality for your children. Each and every parent always wants to maintain his or her children's health, because it is so important thing. To take care of your child’s health you should use Kickox Food Sterilizer which is an excellent product to remove harmful bacteria, pesticides, and fertilizers from fruits and vegetables. For more info visit

Never Go Anywhere With A Stranger:

Your child should know, it is unsafe to go with an outsider. Teach your child that if the stranger tells them something like 'Your mother requested that you accompany me promptly,' they should remain where they are and shout for assistance. Teach them that if there is ever a crisis, you will always send a relative, grandparent or auntie, to be with your child and not an outsider.

No One Is Allowed To Touch Your Kid’s Body

This is a very important security rule for children and you should educate about it when your child can comprehend the essentials. Educate about good touch and bad touch. Tell your child that nobody is permitted to touch your child with the exception of mother, and at times father, if necessary. On the off chance that any other person touches your child, your child should promptly yell for assistance and call individuals around.

Especially if the child is a girl then you should give her special class regarding safety. With this class, she will learn details about safety and precautions.

It is significant that you instruct your child about these fundamental security rules for children. There are sure things that you can begin showing your child as right on time as three years old. Ensure you address your child during a time proper language. Likewise, consistently keep correspondence open. This will urge your child to let you know everything.

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