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Women Are Harassed At Workplace

Women's Safety and its issues have always been a debatable topic all around the world. Today women are no less than men. Women are a good home-maker, a scientist, an engineer, an accountant, a doctor, an entrepreneur and what not. It is almost useless to compare both of them in any sphere.

Men and boys, we show our manhood through the way we treat our women. Our colleagues, our wives, our sisters, our mothers.
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu

In the last decade, women are growing at a higher rate. They have reached almost all sections of society. They manage their homes and works outside too. Women are now independent in every sense. They are competent to live in their own terms rather than following others' rules.

However, women face a lot of issues while working in their workplace. After #metoo and #timesup in the U.S., many females are coming forward to tell their horror suffering stories at their workplace. Many Indian working classes female also came forward to tell the world how they suffered during their working days. Since childhood, we instruct the female and give them a list of dos and don’ts. This lets them become fearful of consequences. They find it difficult to share their suffering with others. They fear consequences. This lets them suffer more. This leads to anxiety, depression, lower self-esteem, alienation. This leads to the degradation of their physical health and mental health.

It is a shameful fact that despite development in every sphere some people still pose the same cheap mentality of harassing women. This even results in quitting their job.

Sexual harassment is the unwanted or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. It is the unwelcome sexual behavior, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated, degraded or intimidated. It is non-consensual and unacceptable. For ensuring women's safety there is The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal)  Act, 2013 which works to protect women’s dignity at the workplace and outside too.  It is very important to safeguard women in order to encourage other women to stand on their feet. We must set an example for our society to let women come forward and prosper.

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