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Woman safety is First Priority

Now this is the time for every solution

Now this is the time Kickox brings a safety device for each and every woman. The woman can protect herself. We all know that there has been a constant rise in eve-teasing over the past few years. Women are frustrated with the system’s way of taking actions or the slow speed of processing things. Not enough was being done to defend women’s integrity and modesty in this regard. If an aggrieved woman goes to file a complaint in the nearest police station then most of the time her complaint is left unregistered or unattended. She has to suffer a series of ashamed questions, taunts and evils look of the visitors and system.

Things took a pleasant turn when Kolkata police launched a campaign “The Winners” for making public places safe for women and to combat the nuisance of stalkers and roadside Romeos. The Winners is now a group of 24 strong squads of women constable which has jumped to 28 strong women and who over the course of a year curbed the crimes of eve-teasing and stalking. We salute “The Winners” for their success. Now, Kolkata is one step forward towards being a safer and better place than it was before as these female police squad is always on two wheels and grabs eve-teasers by the collar and put them behind bars. They have also successfully reduced the number of bike Romeos and made parks and public places safer at night than it was before.

We must remember to dial 1091 [Toll-Free] that Kolkata Police has introduced for helping distressed and harassed women.  

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