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Personal Safety for Girls & Women

We live in constant fear of becoming the next victim of crime. The sad reality is we live in an increasingly violent society where personal safety has become an important issue, especially for women.

Here are a few tips that women must learn and remember:

1.     Awareness: Awareness is the first thing that a woman must learn. The women who are not much aware of their surroundings are always the target of men who don’t respect women. Women must always be aware of their surroundings and must project an image of alertness all the time.

2.   Sixth sense: Intuition is a powerful feeling that we feel in a situation and should never ignore. All of us, especially women, have this gift, but very few of us pay attention to it. If a person or situation does not “feel right” then you must listen to your gut feeling. 

3.     Escape: Always your best option. Always be ready to escape from a spot where you have been approached by a predator. Running away gives you a better chance of survival than standing your ground.

By following these safety tips and guidelines the women can feel safe and women must always raise their voice against crime or any attempt of crime against them.


For many women road, streets, bus stands, railway stations, parks, and other public places have become the scenes of harassment. Eve teasing is the infringement of the right to move freely and independently. Kolkata Police has launched the all-women patrolling team called “The Winners” to combat eve-teasing and molestation and make women feel safe in their city.


Sexual Harassment affects women in some form or the other. Lewd remarks, touching, wolf-whistles, "look" has become a part of women's lives and all these lead to sexual harassment. Working women are no exception. In fact, working women most commonly face this backlash, to women taking new roles, which belong to male domains especially in the organized sector. In the unorganized sector also it is widely spread. Studies have shown that sexual harassment is still endemic, often hidden, and present in all kinds of organizations. 40-60% of working women face harassment at workplaces.


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