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Guardians safety is an important part

1.      Daily Exercise can help and save the individual from illness and decrease their age by 10 to 15 years. It can even bring a lot of enormous medical advantage for the people who have been inactive for a long time. It will definitely slow down the aging process and let them become stronger and fight against infection and illness.

2.       If your elders are suffering from pain and/ or are not feeling well then it’s totally your responsibility to get the checkup by a good doctor right away. Delaying such responsibility only complicates the situation more. So, you need to be prompt and active about the health condition of your elders.

3.       Be prepared beforehand for any kind of emergency. This means that you need to save in your phonebook the phone number of ambulance, hospital, police, doctor who is treating the elder. Start being prepared for such a critical situation as early as possible so that when the time comes you remain composed and ready for it.

4.       The best thing one can do about the health of an elder is to give their time and attention to them. The well being of elders also depends upon your behavior and manners with them. One must show the elders that they truly care about them.

5.       Keep an eye on the mental health of elders. Mental health is often overlooked but is very important nonetheless. Keep an eye on weakness, extra forgetfulness, and lack of direction, depression, signs of mood swings, deep feeling of anger or sadness.

6.       If your job keeps you away from your elders then you can also consider keeping a fulltime nurse so that their actions could be properly watched. But, always remember your personal attention and care will work faster than anything who could ever afford it.

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