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Are you worried about how to keep your car or bike safe?

The necessary element of everyone’s life

It is very well said that "Necessity is the mother of invention". There was a time when people used to travel in bullock carts for days to reach a place and it was much tiring for them. Then with the passage of time as per the need of the hour inventions took place and people introduced new traveling modes such as train, metro, bus, the car & bike. With new technology and invention comes a lot of more responsibility and care to keep them in the correct way. We personally feel that cars & bikes are the most convenient ways of traveling for daily purposes. It lets us cover a long distance in a comparatively shorter period of time with no feeling of tiredness. You can either travel in public transport or in your personal two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle. However, some people prefer traveling on a bike, feeling the wave of cold air chilling down their spines and setting themselves free on the long wooden roads. However, having that kulhhad wali chai is the mandatory one. Lost in thoughts? Oh, wait! Did you lock your bike?    

Well! No more worries because with Kickox Vehicle Tracker you can now safely track where your car/ bike is in real-time. Check the Kickox app to know if your car/ bike is still at the same spot where you parked it. The Kickox tracker has now the advanced Geo-fencing feature that allows it to send you a notification if your car/bike is moved even to the slightest place from its parking place. Thus, letting you know that your car/ bike is being taken or touched away. All this happens in real-time. So, as far as your vehicle is now concerned to feel relaxed leaving it all on the Kickox VehicleTracker.

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