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Kickox Smart - Elegant Smartwatch for Child Safety, Kid Safety

₹ 5199
Take care of your children in a different way. Kickox's exclusive Safety and Smartwatch for Children, Girls, and Women come with lots of features and easily accessible colored touch screen which can save your children's days. It is compatible to use on the Android System by installing Kickox Safety Android App.

Location Tracking:

Kickox Smartwatches helps you to locate your kids in real-time location.

You can also set a location boundary around the watch and can monitor their activity.


The device will maintain the history of the route of the device and show it on Google map.

Call Function:

You can voice chat with your kids through phone book and emergency SOS function. You can also set an alarm clock.

The Kickox Smartwatches also comes with the feature of Switch Off Alert and Non-Disturbing Mode.  

Jiya Roy

2019-09-23 11:56:50

Kickox smart is really a smart product. I love this product.

Nabin Sett

2019-09-23 11:59:54

I give this product to my wife as a gift. now she feels safe and secure.

Risita Sengupta

2019-09-23 12:04:20

Useful helpful product. Nice textures and stylish watch.

Nafisa begum

2019-09-23 12:06:38

I love this watch. It is so useful product

Zafar Ali

2019-09-23 12:08:54

My whole family loves this product. This watch helps our female member. So useful and helpful.


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