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Kickox Shipper - Best GPS Tracker for Car Vehicle Safety

₹ 7999
Kickox Shipper is a vehicle GPS tracker specially designed for your vehicles like Cars, Bus, Trucks, etc. In-built with the most useful tracking features like location-based service, location boundary, alarm system, fuel-consumption, driving behavior, OBD alarm etc. you'll get complete protection from being theft. Alerts sent in real-time when vehicles enter/exit the marked area and exceed the speed limit. Understand your fleet, optimize operations and get complete data analytics

Real-Time Location:

With Kickox you can track your vehicle like taxi, ambulance, car, bus, truck in real-time through GPS tracking. You can also track route history. You can also track your vehicle through SMS & Online Tracking. You can also download data offline and store them.

 Alarm Function:

The Kickox OBD Tracker comes with OBD Alarm, Collision Alarm, Power Outage Alarm, Vibration Alarm, Over Speed Alarm, and Fuel Alarm.

The DTC feature present in the device lets you diagnose problem-related to vehicle. The device can also read VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) which will help you know your vehicle details like engine size, model year, airbag type, etc.

The device has the feature of FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) which means that the device has got updates that you would need to do manually through the phone.

Koushik agarwal

2019-09-23 13:14:04

I love this product. This product is so useful and helpful product.


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