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Kickox Regular Plus - Premium Smart Safety Watch

₹ 6899
Kickox Regular Plus - Fashionable Smart safety watch for Teenager, Women / Ladies, Gents, Senior Citizen for regular safety and style. Stay connected with your dear one and let your family be connected to you all the time. Features include SOS Phone call, Emergency contact, Location Track, Route History, Kidnapping protection and many more.

Communication Made Easier:

The Kickox Regular Plus comes with SOS Communication which means that it offers high speed wireless internet solution no matter where you are. It also offers Emergency dialing and phone calls with your loved ones which ultimately helps you to stay in touch. It comes with a feature of Two-way communication which means that you can dial and receive calls.


The device will maintain the history of the route of the device and show it on Google map.

Location Tracking:

It helps you to locate your loved ones in real-time and can track your route-history too.
You can also set a safe area or safe-zone location for your child which will automatically reduce the chances of kidnapping.


Cookie Sign

2019-09-23 12:39:20

This watch is so useful and helpful one.

Sharlin Minz

2019-09-23 12:40:37

I love this watch. It protects me from all problems


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