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Kickox Pet Junior - Pet Safety, Pet protection, Anti-lost device

₹ 9699
Kickox Pet Junior - Waterproof Pet Tracker Device will save your pet from danger and strange (Indoor / Outdoor). Using Kickox pet safety GPS tracking device you can track your lovable Cat / Dog / any domestic animal. Features include Voice monitor, Location Track, Route History, Anti-lost and Kidnapping protection with Safe Zone, LED Light, Long Stand by a battery and many more. You will be able to monitor your pets surrounding conditions to make it safe & secured.

Location Tracking:

You can locate your pet with GPS and LBS position using this pet tracker. It will give you the most accurate location information, both indoors and outside. Using the mobile app, you can monitor your pet’s location and location history at any time.

Location boundary for protection:

Master can set a safe area for the pet to protect it from missing, pilfering or thieves. If the pet crosses the allotted area, you will get the alarm via your mobile App.

Voice Monitoring:

You can monitor your pet’s sound or voice by calling to the device and you can hear it by Voice Monitoring functionality.

Sreyoshi sur

2019-09-23 12:48:52

With this product without worry, I can play with my pet.


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