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Kickox Food Sterilizer - Vegetable Purifier, Fruit Purifier, Pesticide Cleaner

₹ 2999
Kickox Food Sterilizer is for daily kitchen use of Vegetables, Fruits, Lentils, Meat, and Seafood. It kills harmful germs, insecticides, pesticides and makes it chemical-free. With Kickox Food Sterilizer you have no maintenance cost. You are one step away from getting fruits & veggies with no harmful bacteria, chemical, and pesticides. The Kickox Food Sterilizer also deodorize fish, meat, and seafood.

Healthy food:

The Food Sterilizer keeps fruits and vegetables healthy and bacteria-free.

It also helps by making food like meat and fish odorless.

Fresh environment:

It purifies water and air by keeping it germ-free. 

Chemical-free food:

It also helps by making food pesticides and chemical-free.

Resolve hormone in meat and thus makes it nutritious and ready to consume.

It also improves immunity and reduces fatigue, promotes sleep and blood circulation and prevent stomach infection.

Ankita Mukerjee

2019-09-23 13:30:57

Now I can eat healthy and tasty food. thanks, Kickox. Thanks for the wonderful product.


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