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Ragpicker rape Goa woman who was waiting at bus stand: 1 arrested

A month after a lady from Goa was purportedly assaulted and attacked when she was holding up at a transport remain in the city, the Delhi Police said it has captured a man, while another suspect is still on the run.

The episode occurred on September 16 and the arrest was made last Wednesday. Police said 4,000 drifters were confirmed to build up the personality of the suspects, ragpickers from Uttar Pradesh's Raebareli.

The lady, a local of Goa, was to get transport from the Sarai Kale Khan transport stand yet she arrived at ahead of schedule and chose to go through the night at close by Indraprastha Park transport stop, police said.

While she was resting, two men - Abdul Khalid and Munna - hauled her to the shrubs behind the bus station, which is situated on the Ring Road, and purportedly assaulted her. They likewise ambushed her when she attempted to oppose, authorities said.

The lady figured out how to escape with the assistance of a driver who halted on hearing her shouts. Khalid and Munna too fled the spot.

Police said they have captured Khalid from the Sarai Kale Khan territory following a tip-off, while a chase is on for Munna.

Khalid has admitted to the wrongdoing and said that he and Munna were in an intoxicated state the evening of the episode, police said.

"During the examination, clothes of the survivor in torn condition, her shoes and a 'gamchha' were recouped from the spot," Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southeast) Chinmoy Biswal said.

The blamed conceded that the 'gamchha' or the towel had a place with him, Biswal said. Khalid has been created under the steady gaze of a court, he stated, including that assaults are being directed to seize Munna.


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