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Domestic violence cases happens mostly because of the loyalty doubts: States Report

Hyderabad: According to the experts, most of the domestic violence cases that are registered are due to the loyalty issues between partners. In the last two years around 3,000 cases of domestic violence have been registered in all three commissioners.

The counselors working with the commissionerates stated that they record around 10 cases every week about domestic violence were the main subject tends to loyalty.

Recently, a man was arrested for killing his spouse because he suspected her loyalty. In last year, till September this year around four incidents took place where a man injured either himself or his spouse on suspecting her loyalty. “Nearly 40% of domestic violence cases are filed after either of the spouses suspects the other of having extramarital affair. We usually forward these cases to NGOs for counseling the couple,” said a SHE team source.

In the last year itself, more than 950 cases of violence were registered out of which 150 cases were of women violence in which husband suspected wife’s loyalty.  

Credits: timesofindia   


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