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Bengal worker captured for assaulting, killing minor who came to sit in front of the TV at his home

Scarcely a month after his very own little girl got married, Sujan Patra, a compensation worker living in a slum at Haldia township in Bengal's East Midnapore region was captured on Saturday for purportedly assaulting and killing the 13-year-old little girl of his neighbor. 

The young lady used to go to the 45-year-elderly person's shanty to sit in front of the TV each night yet got disappeared on Friday. Nearby individuals later discovered her body in a sack covered up inside Patra's home. There were a few wounds and indications of sexual abuse, said cops investigating the case. The wrongdoing occurred around 120 km toward the west of Kolkata. 

"The body has been sent for autopsy assessment to find out the charge of assault. Patra has been reserved for assassination. The charge of assault will be included once we get the report," Kudrate Khoda, Auditor in-control, Haldia police headquarters, said. 

On Friday, Patra was alone at home since his better half was visiting their girl child who got married a month back. The minor came to sit in front of the TV when he supposedly assaulted her. The young lady's mom and other slum inhabitants told police that they heard the young lady crying yet Patra asserted he was alone at home when they asked. He even bolted the shanty and left, saying he had some work, said police. 

As indicated by the police, Patra returned later in the night and murdered the young girl. He pressed the body in a sack yet didn't get the chance to dump it. The neighbors later forcefully entered his home and found the sack. 

"Patra's girl used to visit us and play with my youngster. I generally thought he regarded my little girl as his own. I can't envision how he did this," said the minor's mom.

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