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14-year-old slaughters minor in Bengal, offers him as 'penance' in dark enchantment ceremony.

In an odd occurrence that stunned occupants of Niranjanbar town in the Kharagpur region of Bengal's West Midnapore area on Saturday night, a seven-year-old kid was killed, supposedly by an adolescent who needed to be a witch specialist by offering a human penance.


Hours following seven-year-old Rudra Nayak disappeared, he was found in a pool of blood inside the place of his neighbor, a 14-year-old kid. Specialists at Kharagpur State Hospital proclaimed Rudra dead on landing.


Niranjanbar town, around 120 km from Kolkata, is found near the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. The occurrence set off an outcry with townspeople organizing a compress outside the neighborhood Sadatpur police station on Sunday requesting that the accused and his family be given over to them.


"We have captured the minor who supposedly executed the seven-year-old. Following up on claim that dark enchantment was drilled at the place of the blamed we have begun an examination and confined seven individuals," Dinesh Kumar, administrator of police, West Midnapore said.


"My child went out to play in the afternoon and didn’t returned in the evening. When we began searching for him somebody revealed to us that Rudra was seen going into the place of the denounced. When we went there the family at first denied seeing my child. Afterward, we discovered him in a room. The blamed said he was doing dark enchantment when two men originated from paradise and took my child," Ratan Nayak, father of the victim said.


"The charged revealed to us that he had seen individuals from his family rehearsing dark enchantment and attempted to walk on their footsteps. On Saturday, he called Rudra saying he would play out puja and give him 'prasad.' He disclosed to us that he tied up the kid and began beating him," an official at Kharagpur police headquarters said.


The minor's options and legs were limited when his folks discovered him. After the kid was proclaimed dead nearby individuals raged the place of the blamed. Police had a troublesome time taking the 14-year-old and his relatives out of the town.


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