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Our Mission

Creating a safe social environment is the only way to save our family from Social Harassment, Violence, Abuse, Exploitation and Kidnapping. Children are so innocent that they do not understand the danger. So, It is our responsibility as guardians to ensure our youngsters' and children the reality of life. This society is not safe for them. We need to provide them a safe and secure life. We all are responsible to keep ourselves safe. Kickox is a mission to kick out the danger from your social life and to assure safety to all for their daily life. Kickox Safety devices can secure School-going children, Girls, Women, Old age or Senior people, Late night workers, Patients, and Lovable pets and your assets too. This device protects your food also.

Our Motto

Our motto is to provide complete family safety to Children, Girls & Women, Senior members, Working people and even patients. 
Kickox Safety comes in different types of safety devices which are made with exceptional & extraordinary features to outstretch reliability to all. We are providing trustworthy and unwavering safety, Tracking services in a different formation and varieties of shapes, styles, and models like  Smart Watches, Wrist band, Bracelet, Pendant, Gadget, ID Card, Shoes, etc. in a high scale framework. Besides these devices, we are providing the Tracking platform & application for the user.

Our Vision

In modern society, we all are trying to find safety. Kickox is there to fulfill the gap and we are continuously cultivating our products to make these easy to all. We are using and researching on the Internet variety of safety things, Wireless Technology, GPS Technology, Sensors, Cloud Technology, Mobile Technology for developing our products and business. In case of emergency and urgency, you will be able to contact any of your trusted contacts by pressing only one button and it will convey the message of your emergency via phone call, SMS or app notification with your real-time location status. Kickox aims to serve exclusive services related to safety and security so that you can live a safer, happy and healthier life.

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